Less Work,
More Love.
The right people are out there somewhere. The difficulty lies in actually finding them...

We designed the app that turns online dating into personal matchmaking.

Come find the rarebirds that are uniquely matched to your preferences!

Let's give people what they need

Watch Rarebird founders as they tell you what makes Rarebird a personal matchmaking app like you’ve never experienced before.
Why Rarebird?
AI at the service of the most basic human need.
Every choice leads to better matches. The more you use the app, the better our AI gets at knowing the kind of people you want to meet.
Our groundbreaking algorithm continuously narrows down your matches until you find the few who are juuuust right for you!
Results are ranked based on your preferences. Now it’s easier to see which few people you should spend your time and efforts on.
San Francisco, 37
adventurous, organized, slow to warm up
Life Goals
home ownership, independence, recognition
Political Beliefs
egalitarian, local government, traditionalist
About Me
I’m a well-balanced, fun-loving girl actively looking for my person. I am comfortable with most people, and know exactly what I value in life.
What I’m doing with my life
I’m an attorney but that’s not what all my life is about! I love cooking and design, and want to go on more camping trips! I’m also getting more into meditation and yoga these days.
About You
I am looking for a LIFE PARTNER. I know those things take time, but I am definitely looking for someone who is not afraid of commitment if they were to find the right person.
I need someone who will take me seriously but doesn’t take themselves too seriously!!
Not a good match
We won’t get along if you want to travel a lot. If you don’t like dogs. Or if you don't get what's the big deal about racist and sexist jokes.
Inside the app
Values, life goals, and personality.
Our in-depth profile focuses on what’s important to invite meaningful conections.
Choose your format.
Go with built-in tags to say what you’re about, or use the blank space in every section to express yourself free from labels.
No more popularity contests.
The stuff that makes you unlike anyone else on this planet is what we treasure. So, throw away societal ideals and show off your true colors!
How does it work?
You will be shown 2 profiles and asked who you would rather meet.
You can choose one or neither.

Our AI will pull from user profiles to learn what unique features you like in people. We then use this information to show you people you are likely to be interested in.

When you have taught us enough about your preferences, we will show you all the users on the platform in order of best to worst fit for you.

Give us a try! Come meet other rarebirds in our lush rainforest.